Good Morning Everyone!

I couldn’t wait to share my weekend shopping experience with you today.  I’m a little sad though, I won’t have pics to share until later.  I brought my camera to work with me to transfer the photos, but no transfer cable :(

There are so many reasons why we shop, this was a new one for me, something I like to call; Angry Shopping.  What’s that you ask?  Well here’s my story.  As most of you know, we purchased a deli in the beginning of the summer, let’s just say that was a bad business investment.  Live and learn.  Unfortunately, as a result we fell very behind with all of our bills both personally and professionally.  Luckily, we have a great reputation and all of our purveyors have waited patiently while we get back on our feet.  After a summer of long hours with no monetary return and now a fall of long hours to pay off bills, I had a moment on Friday.  Yes, a little breakdown.  A little bit of resentment at hemorrhaging all this cash to everyone but myself.  Heck, they say pay yourself first, right?

I thought my 10 hour workday was over only to be asked to make a run to Costco and Restaurant Depot.  Oh yeah, two of my least favorite places seeing as I’m there every other day.  I haven’t been able to go to the gym in 2 weeks, I’m sleep deprived and I don’t want to shop for work.  I haven’t shopped for fun since June.  Yeah, I know poor me, but I’m a shopper and to a shopper that’s an eternity.

So I think of where I have to go and what’s around.  Angry that my day isn’t over and that I’m looking at being back here at 5am for another long day, I decide I deserve a little retail therapy.  Hence the Angry Shopping. Anyway, buying new fall workout gear isn’t a crime, it’s an incentive :)

I usually workout in sweats and t-shirt, I like to be comfortable.  I have an aversion to anything tight.  Well, I’m going to have to get over that one.  I started a new class at Tuff Girl Fitness with lots of plyo and tabata, not conducive to sweats.  On the first night, my t-shirt was flopping all around and the draw string on my sweats kept giving out, way not fun!  I look around and everyone is part of the tight black pants club.  I now see there’s a reason.  So this is my opportunity to get some appropriate workout gear.

I hit Sports Authority, Finish Line (my favorite store for sneaks) and Modell’s.  Success!  3 new pairs of sneakers, 3 long sleeve shirts, 3 short sleeve shirts and 3  pairs of pants, only 2 are black, one grey and lastly a hat.  That was some fun angry shopping (is that an oxymoron?) and boy do I feel better.

As I’m putting my new purchases away I realize something, although I tried on many brands, everything that made it home was Nike.  And there you have it.  I am a Nike addict as shown by my sneaker collection and now president of the Angry Shoppers Club.  Hmm, if I really want to read into Nike’s slogan “Just Do It”, they could be referring to just make the purchase :)

What motivates you to shop?