ACTUALLY…one of those weeks.  You know when everything that could possibly go wrong, DOES?! That’s how my week is going.  Some minor things, one major thing..all weighing on my mind.  I don’t even have the urge to be a sarcastic asshole, and when that happens you know something is really affecting me.

I’m starving..

Oatmeal w/ chia and shaved almost slices, 2 pieces Ezekial Toast (1 w/ Jam, 1 w/ Almond Butter), PLUM

Last night my friend knew I was down in the dumps and knows the way to an Italian girls heart, so he brought me a cannoli. He also knows I eat clean.  Jerk.  (This is only half..made my roommate eat the other half)

It was amazing and I wasn’t mad at all that I ate it.

And now, off to the blow off some steam..and that cannoli.