OK, so I know yesterday was Fab Finds, but after discovering this app I just HAD To share!

Enter Magnetique, an app you can download just after reading this! So you know when you’re reading a magazine and you see a ton of things you “want”, yet you hardly ever earmark the page and instead just finish the mag and toss it as yesterday’s news? Or you have every intention of looking up those amazing clothes and products online – but later, right?

This app just blew my mind last night.  I was reading InStyle, saw an amazing page of products, and then read the bottom of the page where I was told to take a picture of the page and launch it in Magnetique, where immediate product info and the stores they could be purchased would upload.

There’s a “Find a Store” icon which gives shopping info for the products, and I just think that is so great.  We’re all so lazy to even look a product up online ourselves (or at least I am), and anything that makes our lives a bit easier is much appreciated.

Test the app out yourself!  Grab an InStyle, People StyleWatch or Glamour mag and take a pic of a great product page, and shop away.

I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.