This fam can thank Ava for introducing is to Bite lipsticks.  They’re creamy, super hydrating and long lasting.

Do you love that moisturizing feeling your favorite chapstick gives you this time of year?  Well Bite delivers that same feeling with beautiful colors.

Personally, I’ve always been fearful of red lipstick.  It’s one of those things that I envy on other women.  Oh the bravery they have to boldly put their lips forward in a “look at me!” kinda way.  It started with Ava, then Chloe hopped on the bandwagon and finally myself.  With several shades of red to choose from, I found the perfect fit for me in Bite’s Cranberry color.

Bite uses all natural, highly pigmented food grade products.  With ingredients like fruit butters and organic oils these lipsticks are ripe with nourishing, hydrating and antioxidant properties.

After my first individual color purchase, I found myself back in Sephora to pickup one of their Bite kits.  The one I purchased gives you 8 great colors, 2 on each bullet end to end, all for a very reasonable cost of $38.00. The kit not only includes some reds, but neutrals as well.  As far as I know, Bite is exclusive to Sephora.  If you don’t have a Sephora in your area, you can always shop on their website.

What are you waiting for?  Go get your red on!