It’s Friday b*tches! Friday is no different than any other day for me, but I know a lot of YOU are excited and prepping for another summer weekend! Hope you get your tan on.

I got home yesterday to find my first Glam Bag in the mail! I was so pumped, and I still am.

Juice Beauty Green Apple moisturizer, Yes to Cucumbers makeup wipes, Buxom Gloss, NuMe Conditioner, and Circus nail polish.  Dope products!!  So far I have used the moisturizer which smells amazing, the makeup wipes which also smell amazing, and the nail polish which was really runny and messy – but hey, can’t win em all!

I also put my mini George Foreman to use a few times this week.

Can’t really see in this pic but the corn is lightly buttered and drizzled with CINNAMON.  Absolutely delicious.  Do try.

Alsooooo, last night was interesting.  I bartended with Big Ang from Mob Wives.  I had no idea who she was prior to her Guest spot at the bar, and let me tell you, I was scared when I saw her. I won’t get into further details because I don’t need to be more of an asshole than I already am and she DID pack the place wall to wall which I appreciate, but here is a pic!

Me and Art being silly ;)

It’s pretty crazy how living in NYC will give you the most bazarre experiences ever.  I felt very “Twilight Zone” for about 3 hours. After I was like, did this just happen? Was there actually a mob (ha ha) of Staten Island people at this Upper East Side pub? Weeeeird.

Anywho, time for me to get ready for the gym..My glutes are killing from yesterday’s workout, so today is all about upper body!

Talk soon