Good Morning Fit Foodies!

After 8 crazy days of 18-20 hour work days, yesterday seemed like a vacation at only 10 hours!  Gotta love the restaurant business.  I did only make it to the gym once last week, but I’m not going to beat myself up.  Chloe inspired me at the deli yesterday by doing lunges behind the counter as we prepped for the day.  So, I grabbed 4 large cans of tomatoes, tossed her two and showed her how to do walking lunges with bicep curls across the room.  We did that for 5 minutes, then she showed me a plie’ squat with an 8 count pulse and 10 count hold from her dancer days.  Yes, our legs were shaking.  You really can workout anywhere :)

Onto dinner.  Getting home early with no food in sight at home, Mark & I opted to go out for oysters.  We love oysters and Bloody Marys.  We went to Sage on the water in New Haven.  It was the perfect summer night for outdoor dining.

We weren’t too impressed with their menu the last time we went in the spring, but the oysters were oh so good, so we went back.  We were pleasantly suprised to see they changed the menu.  Our waiter was awesome (I wish we got his name) he was very helpful and not taken aback by my crazy menu questions.  He actually made our decisions quite easy.  I was thrown however, by the wicking bright orange nike shirt he was wearing.  They had a mahi mahi taco on the menu.  Described as battered and deep fried.  Dissapointing!  We love fish tacos.  I don’t understand why restaurants don’t offer fresh unfried fish on their menus, it truly baffles me.  Then the server to the rescue, I ask him if it’s pre-battered and he offers to grill fresh mahi mahi for our tacos.  Score!  I fell in love with him then and there.  They were delicous.  On a side note, I guess it’s the foodie in me, another thing I don’t understand is the use of flour tortillas.  Hello, corn tortillas people, it’s the way a taco is meant to be eaten.  I should say, there was a creamy drizzle of dressing that I had missed on the menu in my excitement.  It should be omitted or served on the side.  Next we had steamed mussels and a pepper crusted seared ahi tuna, a clean staple on most restaurant menus.  

The oysters were great as usual.  Then we ordered a clam pizza, not for me of course.  It had a thin crust with fresh clams, hate when people use canned anything for a pizza.  Mark said it was good, so I’ll take his word on it.

Overall, I think it’s a great place to hang on a summer night.  It’s the closested thing to on the water dining you can get in the New Haven area.  As I said, the service was great.  The new menu is worthy of clean eating with a few tweaks.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that we met a great couple that was sitting next to us.  Shout out to them, they were so in love after 20 plus years together, it was heartwarming to see.  Getting out and socializing was just the thing Mark and I needed after an exhausting week.