I don’t know about you, but I think it’s super exciting to find a new fruit you haven’t had that’s extremely tasteful.

I found the Samsuta mandarins last year at Whole Foods.  It was mid November when I strolled up and found a wooden bin filled with these beautiful little orange creatures with stems and leaves still in tact.  What’s not to love about that?  It gave me the sense that they had just been picked and were there waiting just for me.

Yes, I know that sounds nutty.  To me, food shopping is a joyous and relaxing experience.   Especially as I stroll through the isles of Whole Foods.  Running through my mind is all the things I can cook with the seasons bounty.  As I look at the Samsuta, they’re small, like a clementine.  I instantly think of the salad we’re going to have at Thanksgiving.

The Samsuta comes individually and you bag your own.  Not sure what to expect, I probably purchased 10 of them.

Wow!  These little gems are easy to peel, easy to section, have no seeds and are super sweet.  Unlike any orange or clementine I’ve ever had.  Think of the best clementine you’ve had that’s in season and magnify that by 10!  Needless to say, the Thanksgiving salad was a hit.  I know they’re not visible, because I went a little fruit crazy, but they’re in there :)

Okay, I have a confession, I’m a food hoarder.  No really, nothing makes me happier than having stocked cabinets, refrigerator, freezer, backup in another cabinet and an extra fridge just for drinks and leftovers in the garage.  With that I’ll tell you I had those little suckers in the fridge all season last year and no one was the wiser :)  Hence, they were all for me.

Fast forward to this season.  Mark was purchasing his usual clementines, which took over my fruit drawer, so I put these beauts in a fruit basket on the kitchen counter.  That was the beginning of the end.  I can’t keep the suckers in the house!  We each eat two a day.  Of course I don’t mind sharing.

I have a feeling the season will be coming to an end soon as they’re not looking as perky as they did in November.  So don’t delay.  Get out and try a Samsuta mandarin.  You’ll love them, especially if you have a sweet tooth.  They’re going to run you about $2.99 a pound.

Let me know what creative way you eat them?  I think I might try a stir fry tonight.