Hey All! Happy Tuesday.  I’m here today to talk pantry.  So this post idea came about simply by opening up both of the cabinets in our apartment today and giggling my little ass off.  Though we didn’t do it on purpose, there is clearly “Skinny Cabinet”, and a “Treats Cabinet”.  You can guess which one is mine.

Let’s have a closer look.

What we can see here: Velveeta, Sphaghetti-o’s, Twinkies, Popcorn, Sugar Powdered Donuts, Hostess Cupcakes, and much much more. One of my roommates is a Twinkie fiend, and the other day I sat him down to go through the ingredient list on one single Twinkie.  Yeah, sure, not too much fat.  But loaded with sugar and full of ingredients I could not even begin to pronounce.  The one that I COULD read: animal shortening.  Animal shortening?! Does that even begin to make sense? [Barf] The Eat This, Eat That book named Twinkies the number 1 worst food in America!

The one thing I will definitely go for in this cabinet is the hidden pretzels.  I love pretzels.

“My Side”..Rice cakes, oats, nut butters, protein powder, 4 different kinds of granola, chia seeds, tea, fish oil, sprouted grain mix, canned goods, avocado oil, and some hidden gems.  I don’t think my roommates have even opened this cabinet before..I’m sure Ashliey is shaking her head in bewilderment right now.

So here is what I want you to take from this post: If you’re the only one in your house eating clean, keep your foods in a separate place!  This will prevent you from staring CHEATS in the face all day, where they tempt you with their devilish ways.

In my mom’s house, there is an entirely different FRIDGE and pantry for the unhealthy stuff that is kept in the garage.  I didn’t even know about it (good thing) until about two months after they had moved into this house.  The two boys in the house (and sometimes Chloe) can have all the devilish snacks their growing bodies crave by walking through a side door.  Ramen noodle, brownies, Mountain Dew, Fruit Roll-ups, Doritos..what have you.  Ramen noodle is my freakin favorite unhealthy thing to eat in the world, so I am very thankful that it is not in my face every time I go to find some grub at my mom’s house.

Maybe you live with roommates like me, or maybe your boyfriend/hubby only wants to see Pizza Rolls and never come face-to-face with granola or other foods he cannot understand.  Keep separate cabinets! And make yours the “Skinny Cabinet”. :)