So as a fit fashionista we know what it’s like to have the right outfit.  We all know a bad hair day can ruin the best of moods & an ill fitting outfit is even worse.  Think of all the time we spend getting it right.  Now think about your significant other.  Let me guess, you have most of the real estate in your closet and at best you pick up an item of clothing for him here and there.  It’s not because you’re not thoughtful, it’s because he could care less about what he wears.

Well….I challenge you to look at him the way you look at yourself.  I’m not talking about making a metro sexual out of him, but think of how he would feel if he had a great wardrobe and selection of shoes to match. Just like us, they need choices.

I just got smacked in the face with this reality.  Last week I was doing the whole winter/summer swap pulling out bin after bin of my clothes, only to find that Mark had the smallest corner of one of the bins.  Where did everything go?  I probably threw most of it out in the fall as it was undoubtedly pretty old or as in his case, stained with bleach.  Now as most women do, I could just go shopping for him and try to dress him how I want or in my case, let him go shopping on his own only to be disspointed in his selections.  But here’s a concept; get him involved and do it together!

We took the day yesterday to checkout a fav restaurant (look for my clean review & chef interview soon) and hit the outlet malls in Clinton & Westbrook.  Believe it or not, we had a great time!  Doing the shopping together allowed me to give him the confidence to step out of his usual chefware and straight into fashion.  Men really are like us, they need confidence too.  We all need to hear we’re attractive to our partner and the honest truth of whether or not something really looks good on us.   There is no way that had he either shopped alone or I shopped for him that he would ever come home with a straw fidora, burnt orange shorts, linen pants and 3 pairs of shoes, just to name a few items!  The way I see it, guys don’t think they need “all that” and they should blend in.  Making this trip all about him made the shopping even easier. The more praise I gave him, which isn’t difficult because he’s pretty cute, the more he enjoyed it.  He even tried things on without my prompting.  I explained to him it’s all about options.  You can’t wear to a BBQ what you would wear for a wedding.  And I personally hate shopping under the gun for an outfit.  It’s better to pickup something when you see it whether you need it at that time or not.  Then, no worries of what to wear on that impromptu date.

All that said, the best reward was Mark getting dressed for a meeting this morning and proudly wearing one of his new Calvin Klein button ups.  Wow, his hair looks great I thought, he even put product in it.  Something he hasn’t done in a year.  You can’t tell me that he wasn’t feeling confident.  Yes, I will have to give up some of my closet real estate, but he’s worth it!