Tacos & Tequila.  I mean, should I just stop right there?

On a cloudy Saturday, the only way to spend the afternoon is with a quick trip to the Met (and I mean quick..it was packed)

followed by some amazing Mexican food in the form of guac, fresh pomegranate margaritas & shrimp tacos.

Note to self: Get one of these guacamole bowls to have at home.  I have pretty much been overdosing on chips and guac this week, and I’m not even that upset about it.

Fish tacos twice in one week – I am not complaining.  These shrimp, red cabbage & chipotle aioli tacos courtesy of Cafe Frida on the Upper West Side were the bomb dot com.

Since I was completely stuffed to the gills, it only seemed right to walk home through Central Park.  Sun or no sun, Central Park is still a glorious place to see.  The view of this guy isn’t terrible either.

Of course, after the long walk, we felt deserving of more cocktails.  All in all, a great way to spend a cloudy Saturday afternoon.


Have a great weekend!