Oh, hey! Just dropping in to share a few things/products I am absolutely loving right now.  Actually, all are Christmas present –  hooray for me!

First up is this blanket/shawl/robe shindig with pockets that is just unreal and I don’t know how I have lived my life this long without it (Thanks, mom!)

It’s so luxurious, perfect for popping open a bottle of Veuve with! ;)

So, you guys know that I’m obsessed with Urban Decay “Naked” palettes, and lately I have been packing ONE TOO MANY bags to visit CT, stay at the boyfriends, what have you..and so my mom (again, obviously) bought me the Naked On The Run palette which basically saves me a lot of packing time and also space in my bag.  It comes with never before seen shadows, mascara, bronzer, blush, eyeliner and a highlighter.  Compact and Perfect.

My Mimi got me Sabon shower oil, which was so nice because usually I gift it to everyone else! Sabon products are truly amazing and their Body Scrub is like heaven in a jar.  I used this oil twice so far and I’m in love with that as well.

Chloe got me this Gold candle that looks beautiful and also smells amazing! Getting a candle that smells great and also looks good is a nice touch to add to your bedroom.

Tea Forte! Oh man, I first tried this aaaamazing tea at a brunch at the Liberty House in Jersey.  This is honestly the best tea I’ve ever had.  Sure enough, after a quick mention I was gifted it for Christmas! The Skin-Smart sampler is the perfect way to try all of their incredible flavors in one shot.

I HIGHYL recommend these products! You can shop them through the links I provided below.  Enjoy!