Hello all! We’ve got a good one for you today! So we now all have access to different sites that send us great products every month for a minimal fee, such as Ipsy, Birch Box, KlutchKlub, PVbody, Sole Society and the likes.  But the one that’s missing is TRENDY fashion samples sent right to your door!

This is where StitchFix.com comes in.  This is a fantastic site that makes shopping easy breezy and even more fun.  Here’s how it works: you fill out a style profile where they ask you alllllllll sorts of questions about your sizing, personal style and clothing preferences.  Then you will be sent a package of 5 different clothing items!  I just filled out my own style profile and they did not miss a beat.  I made it clear I do not want to see RUFFLES, SEQUINS, POLKA DOTS, or the colors RED and PINK ;) Pretty awesome that I was able to be that detailed.  I’ve been put on a wait list, so unfortunately I have no product to show you just yet.  But this is where we all can review the product together!!! Sign up using my referral code (at the bottom of post) and once we are all off the wait list we will be charged a small fee, and within no time 5 products (mix of clothes, jewelry and accessories) will be sent to our front door!  I’m excited to see what you all receive and of course what will be in my own shipment.

Fill out your style profile now! You’ll love the site, I promise.