Hey all! Welcome to Tuesday’s Fab Find.  Today I’m highlighting the lovely dry bar and salon brought to you by none other than the fabulous Rachel Zoe.  I’d heard the buzz about this spot opening quite a few months ago and wanted to check it out just for fun.  Dry bar’s are a great concept, especially for New Yorkers like me who would rather pay someone to get them ready for a night out (or in my case, just work!)

Expect to walk in and be greeted by the newest technology in hair salons and a friendly receptionist.

Along the wall you’ll see previews of their “Style Menu”, which I loved.

Another thing I love….DreamDry Moet….Can I get some?!


When you sit down with your stylist, you will again review the Style Menu and pick a style.  This day I came in for the “Express Style” which does not include a blowout, but rather a dry hair style for $30.  I chose the “Juliette”, an awesome waterfall braid.

So very cool.

My stylist, Olivia, asked – “So what are you doing tonight?!” As it was a Friday night.  I replied, “Eh, nothing.  Just going to work and didn’t want to do my hair”.  Good reason, enough.  At $30 a pop, I’d say it’s a justifiable splurge on yourself, wouldn’t you?

The end result?

Pretty Waterfall braid that I have to say – looked AWESOME with my ombre.

What you’ll find at Dream Dry: Sleek, Modern, Professional atmosphere; Chic and Pleasant Staff, and a quick way to a better hair-do!

Why not plan a night in NYC with your girls, and all stop to get your hair done first?! Do it.  Thanks DreamDry – I had fun ;)