Hey guys, Ava here! Coming to you after a long, productive and fun weekend off of work.  Back at it today, though. Siiiiigh.  So, I’m pretty sure I mentioned last week that I’ve started a new workout program.  The first 4 weeks of the program are done in circuits – the workouts are quick in total time but also quick in the sense that I am working from move to move with little to no rest in between.  Since I was starting a new and challenging workout, I wanted to look more into supplementing.  Along with fish oils, I’ve found that the pre-workout supplement is another serious favorite of mine.

This One.More.Rep. pre-workout is the one that came in my BodyBuilding.com box (my mom is doing a more elaborate post on that this week!) and I’ve used it a few times now.  I’ve definitely noticed that it gives me an extra “pump” in my workouts; I move through the circuits without a break and without any issues.  I mean honestly after my first use I was wondering if it was just a mental thing – in which case I spent money on a mind game.  Whatever, I’ll take it if it makes me work out harder!

However, when I was home this weekend, I opened up my mom’s box of Assault pre-workout, which is apparently way more badass..and I definitely noticed a difference.  Before we left for the gym I was seriously lagging, and by the time I lifted a weight I was absolutely ready to kill it.  This time I was doubting it was just a mental thing ;)

Do your research and find the right pre-performance powder for you.  See what the brands offer, keep the price in your budget, and give it a try! Let us know what you think.