Tools for my vision board

Good Morning Fit Peeps!

As I’m packing up the house for our move across town I’m feeling lots of inspiration coming to the blog.  I hate moving, but I love purging & discovering things I’ve put by the wayside.  I’m sure I’ll be telling you lots about the new house as it has so many great attributes, one of them being storage!  I love to be organized.  I feel like when your house isn’t organized, your mind isn’t organized.  The same goes for my car, my offices & especially the kitchen when I’m prepping to make a meal.

This morning I came across a project I started this winter.  At the time it was winter break & I thought I would work on my project whenever I had free time, but somehow it ended up on a bookshelf only to be forgotten.  I did start it though & the good news is, I just found it!!!!

Over the years I’ve read a lot of Oxygen Magazines all of which have an interview with the cover girl.  Most of them say they have made a vision board & on that vision board was their goal of being on the cover of oxygen.  Well look at that!  I do believe that if we can see everyday what we want to aspire to, it gives us that little push to fulfill our dreams.  That’s why I wanted to start my own vision board.  Below you’ll see the tools I bought to get me started.  Yes, there are fitness goals (a pic of a nice taut booty), yes there is a Tiffany’s necklace I’ve wanted for 6 years & yes there are inspirational quotes (I am an Action Figure).  A vision board is what you make of it, it’s your vision, your passion, your goals.  Let’s make it come to life together.  I’m issuing the first ever FGD Challenge, one month to create your vision board.  Please share this with friends, family & anyone you want to give some motivation to.  Next month, on my birthday, August 17th, I’d like everyone to post their vision boards to our new site.  Every month thereafter this year I’ll be asking you to share what came to fruition on your board.  I can’t wait to see what motivates you!