Ugh, as I write this morning’s blog, I’m fighting off a cold/flu.  As fit girls and clean eaters, we pride ourselves on our healthy lifestyle, which usually translates into no sickness.  On the rare occasion I feel something coming on, I pump up the vitamin C and it usually seems to work.

Not this time.  I’ve been grumpy for days and today, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.  I’m at work, but I’m not at work if you know what I mean.  My train of thought is about as long as my thumb.  My muscles started aching yesterday and I tried to convince myself that it was from my workout the day before.  I don’t think today I can convince myself that it’s DOMS (delayed onset muscles soreness) with the addition of a lovely headache.

So, why am I boring you to tears with my symptoms?  Because I have my much coveted personal training appointment this afternoon.  I broke my toe a few weeks ago and managed to hobble to the gym the next day.  With a few revisions, I haven’t missed a beat, maybe a box jump or two :)

Keeping a fit lifestyle, we don’t like excuses.  Excuses are not part of our vocabulary, but at what point to do we ditch the gym for the greater good of our health?  Up until my fever this morning, I was going to make that appointment. I’m sure you’ve pushed yourself through a workout when you’re feeling under the weather.  I know I have.

For me, the fever was the clincher.  To me that signifies my body is trying to fight off whatever is ailing me.  It’s my white flag.  I should go home, make some soup, curl up in my comfy down comforter and call it a day with no guilt attached.  I also have to weigh the consequences of spreading my germs.  I know I don’t want someone in that close proximity to me that might have something contagious.

What’s your barometer for skipping the gym during an illness?

I’ll gladly take any home remedy recommendations.  Here’s to your health this cold/flu season.