Fit Girls do Drag Show

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Hey there.  Happy Wednesday (no I will not say happy hump day).  So last night the Fit Girls got together in the city to finally celebrate the birth of… Read More »


Babe on a Budget

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Hey, Ava again.  Time for our first fashion post! Let’s talk about personal style for a minute.  I’m not sure how to pin-point mine – maybe you can… Read More »


Winner Winner, Salmon Dinner

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Dinner last night! Salmon, spinach, cous cous.  This meal is soooo simple and so amazing.  Baked the salmon in the oven at 400 degrees for 12 minutes, sauteed… Read More »


Happy Place

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We all need a break from time to time.  Somewhere to go chill out and be LEFT ALONE for a while! I call these Happy Places.  One of my happy… Read More »

Blogger Email on Veggie Suggestions

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FYI, yes we do know this person I am ready to keep learning!!! My biggest problem is clean sides other then veggies! I spent a ton of money… Read More »


Sunday dinner for the lazy Fit Girl

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Hey, Ava here.  So I get home from a long day of work today to Skype with my mom, and we’re talking as I read over her dinner… Read More »


Arugula Salad with Baby Squid

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Mark made our dinner tonight, you can have this on the table in 30 minutes or less.  It was yummy & fresh, perfect for this time of year!!!!… Read More »

Ditch the word DIET

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Hey Friends! Welcome to the sleeping schedule of an NYC bartender.  I’ve come to you at 6am on a Sunday to blog about the difference between dieting and… Read More »


Style & Your Man

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So as a fit fashionista we know what it’s like to have the right outfit.  We all know a bad hair day can ruin the best of moods… Read More »

Ya know….WELCOME

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Quick welcome video before my 40hr bartending weekend continutes.  Wah.  Enjoy your Saturday!