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Why We Love TRX! Personal TRX Training Giveaway

In fitness On June 3, 2013 0 Comments

Hello Readers!  We are so exited for this month’s blog posts.  June 2nd, marked the one year anniversary of The Fit Girls Dish!  Boy has it been a… Read More »

30 Minute Whole Body TRX Workout

In fitness On March 18, 2013 0 Comments

Take this workout to the gym with you for a whole body workout.  I like to start my week with a whole body workout because I never know… Read More »

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 9.23.27 PM

TRX Tutorial

In fitness On March 12, 2013 0 Comments

Today isn’t so much of a workout as it is a quick overview of the TRX.  Although I’ve been using a TRX for more than a year, it’s… Read More »


Scream and Shout Squat Routine

In fitness On February 18, 2013 0 Comments

Hey all! Monday is back – how did that happen? The weekend flew by, but I managed to squeeze some time with friends and family in.  I am… Read More »


How Hard Do You Train?

In fitness On September 27, 2012 0 Comments

So this post comes to you for a number of reasons, first and foremost; if you’re honest, do you train by yourself to your maximum potential? For me,… Read More »

TRX Squat 2.2

Tuesday TRX Move – One Legged Squat

In fitness On September 25, 2012 0 Comments

Hey Again, you all know I’m a huge TRX fan, so I thought I’d start bringing you some moves to add to your current workout. If you’ve seen… Read More »


TRX Certification

In fitness On August 18, 2012 2 Comments

Good Morning my Fit Friends!  I want to share my TRX experience with you.  Have you heard of it?  Do you know what it is?  If you’re familiar… Read More »